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We are excited to introduce the ‘B.E. Loved' collection in collaboration with Catherineeebs. This collection was created to honor and remember her late father, Bill Ebs. In November of 2022, Bill unexpectedly passed away. Each piece from this collection is named and inspired by things he loved and cherished most. 

“After his passing, I immediately wanted to have a piece of him close to me at all times. Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t one to wear jewelry or have heirlooms to pass down, so I worked alongside KC to commemorate him. Once I shared my story on social media, it opened my eyes to the number of people who have also lost someone extremely important and I wanted to create something for all of us. Whether you’ve lost someone special, want to honor someone living, or choose a piece simply because you love it, we hope that you can find a piece from this collection that will B.E. Loved by you too!” -Catherine

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